Zhong Zhou Jianhua Garden


Zhong Zhou Jianhua Garden is in livable, environmental protection, ecology Yangjiang West Midlands Town. It belongs to a part of the vigorously developed Binhai New Area, covering a total area of about 64 million square meters, and a total construction area of approximately 130 million square meters. Through effectively use of the valuable regional resources, designers enhances the quality and the added innovate value of the region, positing it the modern large-scale integrated community that gathered hotels, clubs, commercial and residential building in the whole. 
Designers put most residences in the first layer overhead, making architecture and landscape fully integrated, and letting the cell interior space appear more open flow. Combined with the characteristics of local climate, detail design of the elevated levels make attractions and function integrated. The designers also attach great importance to materials and color, create the feeling of semi private courtyard space, make it transparent and smart, and highlight the important role over the full handover between architecture and landscape. Designers use overall planning ideas, reflect leisure atmosphere of the city from planning, construction and landscape, to create a natural ecological multifunctional leisure resort residential district.
On April 18, with many customers and a number of well-known media gathered, Zhong Zhou Jianhua Garden marketing center opened. Shing & Partners wish the project to sell well.