Mingguang Tianshui Lake project pass the construction plan review


Mingguang Tianshui Lake project is located in the northwest of Mingguang City, Anhui Province. The west site of the project is facing with the river; north site is facing with Dongfeng Lake scenic area. With beautiful natural scenery and the continent traffic, the project has the superior location advantages. On the basis of “use of nature, respect for nature”, the designers use the existing terrain to create a "waterside pavilions, poetic life" community. By creating superior internal and external environment, the designer enhances the residential quality, and optimizing the existing urban living space.
The project land are divided into north and south two plots; there are multi-storey and high-rise residences. Commercial Street is arranged on one road side. The site is relatively flat, in North South high-low trend. Multi-stories residences are built around intimate courtyard; interior courtyard groups enhance the overall quality by sharing center lake landscape. Rise residences arrange around municipal lake, and different groups create a broad center landscape, so that most of the tenants can enjoy rich, quiet landscape.
The project takes "Habitat" as a reference point in the planning, design and construction process, pursuits of living comfort and taste and at the same time, a unique style of the community.
Mingguang Tianshui lake residential area project has recently got the construction plan review certificate, entering into the comprehensive construction stage!