Finding Chinese Good Architecture


The "Architecture Knowledge" magazine's "China Building Dream • Chinese Good Architecture" academic theme activities was held in “He Jingtang studio" in Guangzhou.on April 23, 2015.
The “China Building Dream • Chinese Good Architecture" theme activities take "boom and development Chinese architectural culture, make building knowledge popular “as the theme. Many urban planning agencies, design agencies’ experts, academics, architects representatives gathered to discuss dissemination of correct building cultural ideas and values.
Group Chairman Mr. Shing was invited to attend the forum, together with Hongzaisheng, Qinli, Zhuxuemei, Guoweihong and other professors, he discussing the future role of architecture in the urban fabric, the relationship between architecture and the environment, new issues in the Chinese urbanization process, and how to enhance the social responsibility of regional place to the architectural culture development . Shing pointed out: we should protect the texture and history of the city. historic buildings, not only related to the architect, but also related to the developers, urban planning and so on. How to fuse planning and design with history, context and environment together, we should always considered as an architect.